Jay P

Jay P


Born Paul Omiria Epeju on the 3rd of January 1987 in Kampala, Uganda. The 7th of eight born to Josephine and William Epeju.By the age of 3, his momma was strict and instilled a learning culture, the reason as to why he grew up speaking fluent English. His momma raised him properly with strict emphasis on discipline. By the age of six, his love for music had manifested itself. Some of his peers called him John or John Paul which often made him uncomfortable so he settled for the name Jay-P as he liked to keep cool indeed.He used to sing for fun silently realizing his God given gift.

By the age of nine his love for hip-hop had matured. He loves a lot of music ranging from jazz to rock, hip-hop, RnB and more in the line of world class music having been inspired and empowered by musicians he considers as truly great without mentioning names. He used to rap at extravaganzas in church in his early teenage forming a team with his peers.

He went on to perform at bars, night clubs and shows in school. At the age of seventeen, he was expelled from school for absenteeism and ultimately dropped out with the future of his musical career aggravating him. Not long after he started selling drugs and increased in notoriety as he engaged in crime.

By 2005 he had started taking his music career seriously and seemed excessively ambitious to many who concluded his musical dream to be a fool’s errand which he ignored and continued to pursue with even more determination. He started working on a life time blue print which he named the Recipe and was to include his very own record label and chain of businesses.

He completed University studying humanities and joined International Red Cross as a volunteer to serve humanity. Seeing he could not give up his music, he integrated humanities into his company activities. He continued trying to get signed as usual while building his company so that he would have something to fall back to in the event of not getting signed.

His pre-debut ‘’The Unreleased Cut’’ was released in 2011 as a redoubt followed by his debut titled ‘’Credibly Evident’’ in 2013. Releasing a hot album annually is his ultimate plan for his musical career. He credits his momma for imparting business skills into him encouraged by his dad. He also grew up playing basketball and dreamed of joining the NBA however he chose music over it but remains intensely interested in the sport. All in all, he has become a target facing negative criticisms and opinions which the faint hearted cannot stomach.