Irene Namatovu

Irene Namatovu


Irene Namatovu was born in 1987.

Her Home town and village happens to be Masaka.

She is married to a musician Geofrey Lutaya whom she introduced in 2011 at her home masaka .

she is a mother to 3 children(Pius Sonko, Patra Nambatya, Precius Nabulya) who share the family name Lutaaya .

Her favourite dishes are yams, cassava rice and fish. She says she cannot
go for more than a day without having any of the above.

Irene cannot stand sharing a man and hates men who run around with other
women. She says she has just a perfect man in Geoffrey Lutaaya .

She is obsessed with Nigerian movies , her favourite actors are Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Ekehinde and Emeka Ike

She loves fashion and can pay just about any price to look good.

She always spares time to chat with her fans on facebook.

She does not like hanging out and would rather sleep than going out.

She detests liars and rumour mongers and would immediately do away with
such a person if she discovers that he or she is of a kind.

Those  who know her say she is slow to anger and is a reserved person, who
will rarely contribute to a discussion even if she is supposed to.

Whatever  free time she gets, she wants to spend it with her children and
husband, Geoffrey Lutaaya, who is also her colleague and boss in the
eagles production Band.

Irene Uses Fantastic perfumes among others.

She  like going for vacations mostly Londan, and Dubai, she has also
traveled to other countries like , USA (Boston), Sweden, Denmark, Among

She say , her best friends and the fans , she no some one she takes so
special in terms of freindship, she respects every music produces
becouse every music produces has the message passed on the fans.

She owns a full stocked beauty parlour at freedom city here in kampala ,
with wedding Gowns, classic shoes, ladies party hand bags , changing
dresses and more .

She does her shopping at camdern Town centrol Londan UK, if she has not
traveled she is supplied still from Londan , she like using internet too
for business.

She wanted to be a lawyer but was instead diverted by her musical talent .

She has now over 7 albums with more than 6 songs each both audio and video

Irene wants her mus ic to go East Africa and perhaps wild wide

Her promoter is called Musa Kavuma .

She does her Music production with Paddyman