Gravity Omutujju

Gravity Omutujju


Gereson Wabuyi, aka Gravity Omutujju is an artiste. He had a chat with Carol Kasujja about love and music


Your eyes are red, what is wrong with them?

I slept very late and woke up early. I know you want to find out whether I smoke weed. I do not smoke or drink beer. 


Why do you call yourself Omutujju?

I am a ‘music terrorist’. Why do you think you called me for an interview? It is because you know people like my music and you also feel me.


Rumour has it that you and Straka Mwezi are dating?

That rumour has been around for almost two years, but there is nothing between us. Straka is one of the few ladies I connect with. As a TV presenter, she likes promoting upcoming artistes.


Since you have a five-month baby girl, do you mind telling us the name of your girlfriend?

She loves her privacy. Most of my fans are women, so if I brand myself as a man who is already in a serious relationship, I may lose my female fan base.


When are you marrying her?

I will marry when I have enough money. Right now, I prioritise expenditure on baby milk, fuel and food.


What is it with you and the sagging pants?

Most stylish pop musicians wear sagging trousers. It is just swag. But for my case, I do not realise when the trousers go down. I think it happens when I am driving. But if you think I am passing on a bad message to the youth, I am going to be more responsible about what I wear.


If you caught your wife cheating...

By the time I find her in bed with another man, it means she has been doing it in my absence. I would throw her out immediately. Since I do not cheat on her, why would she cheat on me?


Where did you get the idea of reproducing Paul Kafeero’s Walumbe Zaaya song?

When I was still young, the only music my mother played at home was Kafeero’s. Since then, I picked interest in his music and used to mime the songs. When Kafeero died, I decided to reproduce the music in his honour. I am happy I did it well.


Why do you think some musicians rise and fall so fast?

It is because they quickly forget the people they met on their way up. Musicians should never take their fans for granted.


If you were not a musician...

I would be a footballer.


credit : New Vision