Genious Drey

Genious Drey


Genious Drey was born in Uganda on 6 th September Real Names Angatu Edward, Parents Opila Andre and Mary Apiny 

He Went to Lwaje Primary School from p.1 to p.7, the Yesu Akwagala High School from s.1 to s.6 After A’Level got scholarship from the Church and went to South Africa For sound Engineering from 2010 to 2013

He is known as one of the artists leading the contemporary dancehall movement, Genious Drey has been a large part of the scene since 2014 His first hit , "Nes Ore", was one of the most popular Afro Fussion songs and Won “Best Eastern Song/Artist of the Year in the Hipipo Music Awards 2014-2015, In 2017 He released “akwatat Album That Had the greatest Hits all over Uganda, Like #Edeke Ejeni,Delete, Signal Number, Miss Party ETC and was nominated 4 times in different awards in Uganda, although in 2018, He Won The Best Male Artist Of the Year in the Teso Music Awards.

He was nicknamed Genious by his friends becauseof the fact that he is Multi Talented, He Is a Producer, Singer, Composer, Radio Personality and A farmer.