Diamond Oscar

Diamond Oscar


DIAMOND OSCAR BLING BLING MASTER : We know every artist has his backgraund but this is a bit different.

Diamond Oscar has many new songs like Nkyali bubi ft GNL Zamba, Amina,and super star which playing now on radios of Uganda, Nonya ananjaga, Mbakomedewo,bazuka, forever, on the same CD Sweet groria,Money talks ft DIDI, and he has orther songs like Mama nakki, Gyereeze,Nsaze waya,old songs like Awawa, Simuyaye, Sente Bakola Nkole, and Sibuli kimyufu.

Diamond Oscar a.k.a Mbabali Oscar is a Munyoro from Kakumilo Kibaale district but he was born in kasubi kampala and he was born in 1984, Diamond Oscar stated to sing in 2003 after the death of both his parents because he had no alternative for meeting school fees. Didi March is one of his producer stated in 2000 as a producer and in 2002 he went to the UK to learn more about production.

Now Didi is a reknown producer of Diamond oscar and other artists in East Africa Didi has produced many hit songs like, "Kaleke kasome" for Moris Hasa "Empisazo Nzikoye" for Henry Tigan, "Nsimye gwe for Henry Tigan, Nakutamani, Mama Brenda for Sweet Kid, and Aids song of all stars "My Country" for Henry Tigan and Maron Asha a.k.a Ganja planta, Trafic officer by GIFT, Didi was the man behind the track.

Diamond oscar came back like a tarminator with "Nkyali bubi,Super star and Amina" Nonya Ananjagala, to mark his beggining of international, after making that album every one was intrested in what he is doing. Diamond has a new video called Nkyali bubi, super star, amina, Nonya ananjagala, Sweet groria and money talks ft Didi March, he is shouting Bazuka and Forever, if you want to take him on the show contact his maneger Mr.Alan Kiwanuka on +256 712488884 or +256714424664. email [email protected]. web Diamond is planing to make a big concert in Kampala soon with his ferow friends Weasel and Radio of the Goodlyfe entertainment. Diamond oscars mortal states that, "In God Every Thing Is Posible Visit diamond oscar's company