Azawi is a multi-talented singer-songwriter. She was inspired to do music and dance years ago after frequently visiting the Ndere Cultural Centre to watch the dance festivals. She later on joined Kika Dance Troupe in 2005. After leaving Kika Dance Troupe, Azawi started singing in school with the help of a friend, and brother, who mentored her as a singer/songwriter. That is when Azawi started writing for a few artists locally, in Uganda. Azawi ha ...
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Howwe Hot 100 Howwe Hot 100

The Official Ugandan Music Countdown: Weekly and Daily Music Chart

7 LD: 8
Party Mood
Party Mood Azawi
21 LD: 15
Majje Azawi ft. Fik Fameica
31 LD: 30
Slow Dancing
Slow Dancing Azawi
61 LD: 63
My Year
My Year Azawi
78 LD: 70
Craving You Heavy
Craving You Heavy Azawi
88 LD: 95
Ache For You
Ache For You Azawi