Abiabi Richboii

Abiabi Richboii


Richard A Matale) is (born in 1987) a dance hall singer and ragge music from South Sudan is known for his stage name as Abiabi Richboii 'The Great one. The artist was born in small village in the capital of Southern Sudan Juba (Pageri). As being a child, the singer is raise by his mother who is also a singer known by her real name mum Tinyaa AKA (Laudina Tinyaa) she is a single mother, Abiabi Richboii AKA (Richard A Matale) has spent most his life through hardships, sickness, life of being child soldier etc in Northern Uganda.
He came to Australia in 2004. He started his music’s career early 2011. He described his music's as a rout to councisness, a revolutionary musics, it is a musics that come from minds, bringing the reality of what have been hidden. His musics carried out information and feelings for tge best of individual .His first songs were, Ide Kiza, which carriend out lots of information about the problem we create among our self as husband and wife And later his other hits were Oca marugalu Ft Compo crew, Ndindo ft Wise Dg and many more. He always wanted to share my lovely, enjoyable, educative and meaningful music Lyrics all currently he is a young man living in Australia/Queensland in Brisbane and he preferred to be kind, unselfish deeds for the other, forgiving, helping, smiling and thanking. He would like to spread his feelings through his humorous soulful Lyrics all over the world. As being a singer who always like others people from different diversity, Abiabi Richboii The Great One collaborate with artists such as JM Kennedy, Wise DG, Compo Crew, D’ Kurt, MADI VIBRATION and many more artist around the world.
Abiabi’s music’s style is a combination of central African rumba, ragga, Afro Zouk and West African music type. He is also a member of the Musician’s community coalition of other artist who their fame and fortune to help and eradicate and create awareness campaigns for HIV/AIDS and other sickness including life style that may affect people life. He decided to sings for Peace, Joy, Love and Unity.
Abiabi Richboii TheGreatOne initiated service which is aim to help an elderly people in early 65 to dats so that they move on with life God gave them. We only focused on elderly people who doesnt have any one or doest get support interm of medical need, food, cloths, and shelter. NFS also help disable people who are capable to establish their own business so that they can support themself Finicially.
As a believer, Abiabi is happy for any one to join us as our partner of cost we always want the best for our God therefore when you give you should give it will open hart and only we should espect blesing from God for the help we give. NFS don't segregate but we only believe every one is the same no matter where you are from which tribe or clan. 
NFS Operations.
We only operate in South Sudan and in Uganda due to lack of partnership but with the grace of God, we believe we shall deliver our services around other African countries. 
The foundation of Abiabi's music's and his company is letting know the meaning of love alife to every one no matter what religious practices you are from. If you want to love better you should start with loving your neighbour as Jesus christ thought us so.
Our passion should be the foundation for our giving. It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving and supporting one another.
It is only natural that we care for our own people and not so much about our neighbours. Do not give because some one force you into it but your hart desire of choosing the right thing, but also a matter of choosing what is right for you.